About Qaars.com

At Qaars, we set out to be one of the largest, accurate and detailed car specifications site on the web. We have a record of 100 car makers, over 2500 unique models and over 72800 unique vehicles manufactured between 1904 and 2016. Our vehicle specifications holds full detailed information on almost every car produced since 1989 and basic details on autos produced between 1904 and 1989.

Our car specifications data holds full specification, technical data, equipment, photos and more of thousands of car from popular manufacture and mainly for cars produced for sale in the U.S. and Canada. We are looking to add cars produced for the UK, european and Asian market in the near future.

Auto specs contains main car specifications, fuel consumption / economy, engine performance, dimensions, price, delivery cost, optional extras, standard equipment, upgrade options, colors, photos and other similar car from various manufactures.

Whether you are looking to purchase a car, compare vehicles, get insurance quotes for specific models, or simply learn about details about a specific vehicle, we hope you find our site useful.

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